Zio, a singer/piano player with a big dream and a voice to match, makes no apologies for putting out smooth, adult contemporary music with a message that is so familiar and yet unique all at the same time. After 5 years of writing, recording, and producing these songs... her journey finally made it's first stop with 13 timeless songs. She surrounds her smooth alto voice with some of the finest musicians in the pop world. From Billy Joel's bandmates Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata, to the Tower of Power horns along with great studio players, indie artists, and of course her own piano playing. This CD is a seamless musical effort and a guilty pleasure to many who enjoy artists like Josh Groban and Eva Cassidy. “All That I Am” includes thirteen beautiful compositions. Six and a half of them are written by Sandy Zio herself. Four others are written by six exciting up and coming indie composers, and there are two classic songs by Stevie Wonder and one made famous by The Carpenters (Roger Nichols, Paul Williams). The themes surrounding this collection are ageless and wide reaching from soul searching, to finding a special someone, to celebrating new life, but does not limit itself to the usual worn out clichés.

In early 2020, Sandy has followed up her very long overdue 2007 compilation with a soulful and heartfelt single, My Dear Friend, in memory of her dear friend Dolores.  She hopes it will touch your heart, much the way Dolores touched hers and the hearts of all those who were fortunate enough to know her.  Please give it a listen and check out the accompanying video as well.  This was her first music video and hopefully there will be more to follow soon.


“Singer and pianist, Sandy Zio’s album All That I  Am has an adult contemporary sound that well suits her lovely voice.  Throughout 13 mostly original songs, Zio’s melodious singing is showcased amidst tasteful arrangements and clean production.  But it is Zio’s pure voice that truly focuses the disc”  

-Keyboard Magazine

 “If you hear her sing, you're drawn to the conclusion she is one of those folks people call ‘a natural.’ Her voice is rich and soothing, and her phrasing is seamless.” 

-Trenton Times

 “A polished and confident 13-song collection featuring two notable covers (versions of the Carpenters' hit "We've Only Just Begun" and the Stevie Wonder-penned "Overjoyed") and some solid originals.” 

-Asbury Park Press

  “Do you remember when soft rock and great songwriting with a strong voice dominated the airwaves? If you long for those days, then get this CD and feel like you are back there – at least for the duration.”   

-Music Street Journal

  “…Ms. Zio has a smooth alto voice, and sounds a little like the late Ms.(Karen) Carpenter. The songwriting, performances, and clever arrangements, make All That I Am easy to like, a guilty pleasure to music lovers who enjoy artists like Josh Groban and the late Eva Cassidy.” 

-The Princeton Packet

 "Sandy Zio's debut arrives and her sound is fresh and enjoyable. The title song is as lovely as the first day of spring, Zio's charismatic vocal over a memorable tune.  "Someone To Love" is a ballad that would sound great on the radio. Zio's vocals are easy on the ear.  Her album is a great listen.” 

-Luna Kafe E-Zine

 "Sandy Zio is an all around pleasure to listen to, both as a vocalist and songwriter… It’s very mellow, very straight-forward music, and classical romance sounds great when pouring from the lips of this natural-born entertainer.” 

-Pitch Perfect Reviews

"The 30-something vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist has a gorgeous alto voice, and stellar players. 3&1/2 stars" 

-Biloxi Sun Herald 

It’s refreshing to discover a new voice infused with the maturity and inspiration found in Sandy Zio. Her debut album “All That I Am” is a solid production of 13 enjoyable tracks which skillfully and artfully combine the elements of soft rock, country, and jazz.  Dim the lights when you listen and let Zio’s voice over joy your senses…. Zio’s voice resounds with vibrancy and life that will have you dancing and singing along the very first time you hear it.  This is a quality debut album featuring great songwriting and talent. A sonic treat from start to finish, “All That I Am” has a consistent and cohesive sound that can be appreciated and enjoyed time and time again.  *** 1/2 Stars  Victoria Collins-October 2, 2008