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-Sandy's new video for her song "LOTTERY" has been released, please watch below!  The song is also available for purchase and I so appreciate your support!  You may get a chuckle from the video.  LOL

-Sandy was recently featured on The Delaware Valley Songwriter Showcase.  Check  her Facebook page to see that video.  

***Keep checking back for more updates!***

Latest Tracks

Check out Sandy's latest single, "My Dear Friend", written about her friend Dolores who her my mentor, her soul sister, and someone she misses so much.  There is a video of this song on YouTube which has some amazing beach scenery right from our own Jersey shore and pictures of her dear friend as well.  I hope it will touch your heart the way Dolores touches the lives of all who knew her. 

Also Sandy's newest single, "Lottery" which should give you a laugh!  It was written about not loving her job, but thankfully that was many years and jobs ago!  These two videos were done by the same very talented group (Team Playback).

Check out the video guys who did this video at Team Playback (!  And check out the video which is on Sandy's music page!