If you believe that dreams of becoming a pop music diva are restricted to the very young, this startling and beautiful debut CD “All That I Am” by Sandy Zio will change your mind.

Zio, a singer/piano player with a big dream and a voice to match, makes no apologies for putting out smooth, adult contemporary music with a message that is so familiar and yet unique all at the same time. After 5 years of writing, recording, and producing these songs... her journey finally makes it's first stop with 13 timeless songs.

She surrounds her smooth alto voice with some of the finest musicians in the pop world. From Billy Joel's bandmates Liberty DeVitto and Richie Cannata, to the Tower of Power horns along with great studio players, indie artists, and of course her own piano playing. This CD is a seamless musical effort and a guilty pleasure to many who enjoy artists like Josh Groban and Eva Cassidy.

All That I Am” includes thirteen beautiful compositions. Six and a half of them are written by Sandy Zio herself. Four others are written by six exciting up and coming indie composers, and there are two classic songs by Stevie Wonder and one made famous by The Carpenters (Roger Nichols, Paul Williams). The themes surrounding this collection are ageless and wide reaching from soul searching, to finding a special someone, to celebrating new life, but does not limit itself to the usual worn out clichés.

Sandy has honed her vocal and piano style by playing hundreds of concerts over the past three years, and because she is a relative newcomer to the club scene, she exudes a freshness and engaging spirit that makes her live shows a treat. In the words of the great drummer Manu Katché " …a great new voice.”

Sandy has also been fortunate enough to have recently opened for John Ford Coley and has shared the stage with such well known performers as Richie Cannata (Billy Joel), Julio Fernandez (Spyro Gyra) , Tony Beard (Paul McCartney), Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra), Glen Burtnik (Styx), Bobby Bandiera (BonJovi), Teddy Royal (Fats Domino), and Liberty Devitto (Billy Joel).

Some of the performances on her debut album include these fine artists with their credits listed below:

Richie Cannata (Billy Joel, The Beach Boys) - Tenor & Soprano Sax
Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel, Karen Carpenter) - Drums
Jef Lee Johnson (Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Stanley Clarke, Roberta Flack) - Guitar
Ozzie Melendez (Marc Anthony, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder) - Trombone
Don Harris (Tower of Power, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Average White Band) - Trumpet & Horn Arrangement
James Leahey (John Waite, Dennis DeYoung) - Guitar
Allison Cornell (Shania Twain, Tracey Chapman, Pat Benetar, Joe Jackson, Cindi Lauper) - Violin & Viola
Joel Bryant (The Stylistics, Harry Connick Jr., Aretha Franklin) - Keyboards


~"The CD looks and sounds great!"
(Richie Cannata

~"Cool stuff, nice voice!! Good luck - MK" (Manu Katché)

~"A great singer, great songwriter, great musician, great looking, great person ... "ALL THAT I AM" - Sandy Zio - A great CD"
(Liberty DeVitto)

~"Singer and pianist Sandy Zio’s album All That I Am has an adult contemporary sound that well suits her lovely voice. Throughout 13 mostly original songs, Zio’s melodious singing is showcased amidst tasteful arrangements and clean production. Though Zio plays piano on many of the songs...it is Zio’s pure voice that truly focuses the disc, and All That I Am’s sweet instrumental work gives her a great platform from which to showcase it. (Robbie Gennet, Keyboard Magazine)
Click here to read the full review

~“If you hear her sing, you're drawn to the conclusion she is one of those folks people call ‘a natural.’ Her voice is rich and soothing, and her phrasing is seamless.”
(Sharon Shlegal - Trenton Times)

~“A polished and confident 13-song collection featuring two notable covers (versions of the Carpenters' hit "We've Only Just Begun" and the Stevie Wonder-penned "Overjoyed") and some solid originals.”
(Asbury Park Press)

~“The 30-something vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist has a gorgeous alto voice, and stellar players. 3&1/2 Stars"
(Biloxi Sun Herald)

~“Do you remember when soft rock and great songwriting with a strong voice dominated the airwaves? If you long for those days, then get this CD and feel like you are back there – at least for the duration.” (Read full review HERE)
(Music Street Journal)

~"Naming Norah Jones, Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi as vocal influences, Ms. Zio has a smooth alto voice, and sounds a little like the late Ms. Carpenter. The songwriting, performances, clever arrangements ... make All That I Am easy to like, a guilty pleasure to music lovers who enjoy artists like Josh Groban and the late Eva Cassidy." (Read the entire interview HERE)
(Susan Van Dongen - Princeton Packet)

~ "Sandy Zio's debut arrives and her sound is fresh and enjoyable. Zio has lived a little before making her debut and it shows in her songwriting maturity and easy vocal cool. The title song is as lovely as the first day of spring, Zio's charismatic vocal over a memorable tune. "Someone To Love" is a ballad that avoids easy cliché and would sound great on the radio. She covers the Carpenters "We've Only Just Begun" and gives it a modern sheen, while retaining the originals' sensibility. Zio's vocals are easy on the ear. "Sister Madelene" is funky and brings a necessary change of pace. Zio handles it with great spirit. Her album is a great listen."
(Anna Maria Stjärnell -
Luna Kafé record review)

~"...strong and heartfelt female vocals"
The View From Here" is referenced to the above quote and written by my friend Joe Iantosca}

~"The CD is so great!! I am really enjoying it."
(Roserin Dugan)

`"Not many people can cover Karen Carpenter's "We've Only Just Begun" and make it work. I love your version."
(Sharon Schlegel - Trenton Times Newspaper)

~It’s refreshing to discover a new voice infused with the maturity and inspiration found in Sandy Zio. Her debut album “All That I Am” is a solid production of 13 enjoyable tracks which skillfully and artfully combine the elements of soft rock, country, and jazz. She delivers the melody with a natural ease and charisma that begs the listener to sing along. Zio’s cover of “We’ve Only Just Begun” is brilliant in its delivery with its funky groove. Her arrangement of “Overjoyed” is a smooth and simply beautiful rendition of one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. Dim the lights when you listen and let Zio’s voice over joy your senses. The song that will get you up on your feet is “Sister Madelene” as it is the strongest and most dynamic track on the album... Zio’s voice resounds with vibrancy and life that will have you dancing and singing along the very first time you hear it. This is a quality debut album featuring great songwriting and talent. A sonic treat from start to finish, “All That I Am” has a consistent and cohesive sound that can be appreciated and enjoyed time and time again.
*** 1/2 Stars
(Victoria Collins-October 2, 2008
© MuzikReviews.com)

(Read the full review HERE)

~ "Sandy! I absolutely "LOVE" the album. I find myself putting it on here at work and transforming to a tranquil place. You do yo thang, girl!!!!"
( Penny Grant)

-"Sandy Zio’s debut album, All That I Am, is a good, solid adult contemporary CD. With a rich, soothing voice that took me back to the hay days of Gloria Estefan and Amy Grant, with accompanying music to match, Sandy Zio is an emerging artist that can hold her own vocally and will appeal to anyone who is looking for a new mellow pop CD to add to their collection. ...she pushes herself vocally, displaying pipes impressive enough to stand next to any pop diva, and even shows a little attitude....the vocals are impeccable, and the mood is intoxicating. ...All That I Am is a tasty little album by an emerging new talent." (Read full review HERE)
(Angela Hail, Oklahoma Correspondent for Refrain Magazine)



~ Am loving your CD Miss Zio--loving it! Thanks!! xo
(Archie Christino)

~"Dear Sandy,
OMG your cd is amazing & I wanted to tell you how much I'm loving it & some of the comments I've gotten from people I have given it to or played it for & showed it to. Allen is loving it, Laurie & Rodger are loving it, my friend Kellie who is a very good singer loves your voice & asked if I could get her a copy, my friend Robin loves it. I played some of the songs for our cool down at the senior center & they loved it & I will tell them if they want a copy I know where they can get one! I showed it to a friend of mine who works at the senior center & she saw the cover & said: it's not fair that someone so talented is also so beautiful! As for me, each time I hear it I have a new favorite! I love the last one in Italian, in addition to all of them! I'm so happy for you and congratulate you again on this success & I'll be wanting to buy more cd's from you!
Best, Ellen"
(Ellen Lepore)

~Love the cd babe. Good work. Your voice sounds incredible. I just had a
chance to listen to the entire cd, and I am extremely impressed.

(M. Carthan)

~"Girl this was surely worth the wait!!!!! You sound fabulous! Superb job on the entire album! Sounds awesome......GREAT MIXES, PLAYERS, VOCALS, AND MASTERING!! I am so happy for you!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ...... WOWIE ....ZOWIE!!!!!!!! Love and luck and blessins for you ....XXXXXXXXXXX" (the late Lenny Post)

~ ...about the CD – I love it - - - - between the performance and the writing AND the presentation WOW!"
(M. Calabrese)

~"This March release by singer/songwriter Sandy Zio was five years in gestation, according to the liner notes. This vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist has a gorgeous alto voice, and stellar players (including Billy Joel's drummer Liberty Devitto) on this 13-song effort. Sandy wrote six-and-ahalf tunes, four come from indie composers, plus Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" and The Carpenters' "We've Only Just Begun." The music here is guitar/piano-based pop. I enjoy the horndriven "Sister Madelene," the newborn-welcoming "Baby Baby," the gorgeous "When I Get Near You" and the somewhat pensive "Overjoyed." Get your copy locally or visit www.sandyzio.com for information. Ricky Flake is a former punk rocker and a music fan who lives in Biloxi."
(Ricky Flake - Biloxy Sun Herald)

~I love this CD. Her voice is wonderful! I particularly like the title track, "Someone to Love," and "Overjoyed." Really great stuff!
(Diane Tracey)

~ "Wanted to congratulate you on your debut album! Beautiful songs in a variety of styles all rendered quite well (a rare thing), a beautiful voice and intelligent lyrics ... and globally a wonderful vibe and professional production! Good luck with your musical adventure, it's very very promising ! -Lucie"
(Lucie Q.)

~"Don't Stop Taking" is exactly what music listeners will be guilty of when they check out the new CD from Princeton, New Jersey native, Sandy Zio..."All That I Am". Her debut album sets the tone for what looks to be a promising music career for this "Born to Entertain" artist. The three strongest tracks on the CD are the Title Track along with "Don't Stop Talking" and "Sister Madelene." The title track, which kicks off the album provides a soothing melody that Zio is credited for writing both the lyrics and music. "Don't Stop Talking", which is destined to be a catchy radio hit, is driven by creative lyrics and percussion work. I dare you stay in one place when you listen to the grooving melody of "Sister Madelene." It has a horn section and backing vocals, which put it over the top. Another notable track on the CD is "Someone To Love," which is a very pretty song that uses a beautiful arrangement of strings and hammond organ. Overall the musicianship and production of the CD is top notch. Zio's voice has an edge that will make the natural romantic melt, while satisfying the true rocker at heart. This is an album worth checking out!
(Joe Ravipinto)

~ "Hi Sandy, I am so glad you happened to stop by on Thursday. And I am also Double glad that you had your CD with you. I loved the entire CD, The upbeat sounds and different tempos are just so enjoyable. Thanks again, Barbara"
(Barbara Kerke)

~Hi Sandy, My wife Jennifer and I absolutely love your CD and I can tell you with all sincerity that it is one of the best CD’s we have ever listened to. There are not too many CD’s out there where I can say I love all the songs, usually if I like 8 of the 12 songs I consider it a great CD. The following are the few CDs where I like every song and now I can add you to this list, Joshua Tree & Unforgettable Fire (U2), White Ladder (David Gray), When the Sun Goes Down (Kenny Chesney) and anything Neil Diamond. I know what an eclectic list of songs. Anyway thanks for making such wonderful music and I really enjoyed meeting such a beautiful person and artist. Keep up the great work and maybe someday I will get to see you in concert! A friend & fan for life...

~ "I never told you this before but, I really
think you are a great talent."
(Liberty DeVitto)

~ "This is one of the best female vocalists I've heard in a long time. The songs are well written, and they totally put you in touch with the heart felt emotions the artist is trying to express in her music. Sandy Zio is definitely a talented & bright rising star. This cd is a must buy. Get it while you still can."
(Michael Carthan)

~ "Sandy, We enjoyed your singing on both your CD & at Harbor View in Cape May on 7/13. Hope we get to see you again in August when you're there. You are clearly the absolute best performer we have seen on the waterways during the afternoon events for the last 19 years. Some that were good at different places along the SJ waterways moved on quickly to doing shows in A.C., but they were clearly not as good. We never followed any of them to know if the southern most areas of SJ waterways became launching pads - or just another gig. But PLEASE COME BACK - AGAIN & AGAIN. See you in August."
(Gail & Art)


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